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#FabulousMelaka Instagram Photo Contest


#fabulousmelaka Instagram Photo Contest
22 – 29 Dec 2015

Closing entry : 29 December 2015, 2400hrs

Contest rules :
1. Follow @fabulousmelaka

2. Post your photo(s) about destination/food/location/lifestyle/culture etc in Melaka with appropriate caption with #fabulousmelaka, #tourismmelaka & #melakatourismweek2015 .Do not private.

3. Photo(s) must be photographed within the duration set time of the competition

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Melaka Flotilla

Vote For Melaka Flotilla Magic of the Night 2015!


Flotilla from our historical state, Malacca with the tagline ‘Incomplete Visit Melaka Without Cruising Melaka River’

Flotilla from our historical state, Malacca with the tagline
‘Incomplete Visit Melaka Without Cruising Melaka River’.

Let’s vote for your favourite boat to win the Most Popular Boat Award.
Results will be announced on 31 May 2015, Sunday.
Like and share as much as you can!

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crucifix crab

Crucifix Crab of Melaka

News and pic from thestar.

Actually I miss this news last year. I just aware about it when seeing the crab being hang at the wall in a frame at Equatorial Hotel. It is said that the crab is last seen in Melaka shore since 1960s. So last year in September 2011, the crucifix crab was found by local fisherman but in small quantity. So many people especially Christian buy it not for eating but as a collection. One of the buyer must be Equatorial…

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Old Days – Stadhuys Complex & Christ Church

A picture of history. Christ Church and Stadhuys.

All the building are still available in the present time. Just we don’t know what were the building colors actually in that day. No traffic jam. Only have horse, and four people. All with bear foot. If we look at all the 4 people judging by their clothing, I can say at the horse maybe a Malay or a Chitty, Chinese wearing hat and a Chinese boy. Of course that day it was not a place for tourist. Its an administrative building in a town center. I don’t know the exact date of the picture but we can guess from which period. Looks like no Victoria Fountain and the Clock tower already exist. Clock Tower was built in 1886 in honour of a successful Chinese tycoon named Tan Beng Swee. Victoria Fountain was built in 1904 by the British in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s 60th anniversary of coronation. So we can say the picture was between 1886 and 1904. 19th Century.

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The Officials

In any Melaka State Government event, apart from the officials VIP’s, we also got the officials drinks. An effort from the Melaka State Government to promote Melaka SME’s products. The products are ‘Misai Kucing Tea’ and ‘Melaka Delight Manggo Juice‘. Misai Kucing Tea if pronounce in English is ‘Cat Beard Tea’. A local herb that it’s flower is similar to the cat beard known to have specials nutrients to cure high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pain. Usually we also bring this lovely lady below in officials occasion and they are happy to show you the Melaka Move…

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Bright Night At Banda Hilir

Spot light brighten the Heritage Site at Banda Hilir Melaka. Stand at Dataran Pahlawan grand stand and you can view the history – The Fort,the Ruin, the Bastion, the Sultanate Palace and the Independence Memorial. All have own unique history in the time line. Fort by Portuguese 600 years ago, Ruin by Dutch, The Bastion by Dunlop at 1910 and 1957 Memorial of Independence.

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