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pygmy elephant

Another animal classified as totally protected species in Malaysia

Malaysia have diversity of wildlife species and some of them are critically endangered species like Sumatran rhinoceros. Others like Orang Utan, the Malayan Tiger and Leatherback turtles. Now Borneo elephants classified as totally protected species in Sabah. So people who kill the Borneo elephants they face a mandatory jail term. Read the news here.

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mineral makeup

Towards a greener skin…

Minerals makeup set..

We always talk about going green in a wider perspective. Like solar panel, don’t use plastic bag, paperless, organic fertilizer etc. How about our skincare? Surely this arguments are mostly for ladies..

I think that we are already aware about cosmetics in the market are using chemicals. Just flip your blush pack for example, did you understand any of this ingredients:- nylon-12,magnesium stearate, dimethicone, ethylparaben, calcium alumunium borosilicate and other aben, silicate, ethyl etc..

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Travel during Equinox

The Spring Equinox…

Today is the equinox. Or in some place they say yesterday. Malaysia is at the equator so during equinox we will got 12 hour day and 12 hour night. Or if not the period of day and night is closest to being equal.

I just know about the equinox from a TV program yesterday. Equinox is a nature or planet happening that occur every year. The equinox doesn’t bring any catastrophic event to the earth such as Tsunami or storm.

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How’s the weather?

The weather here is unpredictable as Malaysia only have 2 type of season all year long. The weather whether Rain or Hot. Yesterday afternoon raining heavily in Melaka. Today is hot like the son is directly above your head.

Although we can see green leaves always here, there are also trees that start falling it’s leaves this month like a Spring season. Example is this tree behind my backyard below:

Look at this tree in London when spring :

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Cave in Malaysia database

Tourism at Gua Tempurung Perak…

Malaysia are among the country of many caves. We also got the Niah Cave that one of the largest limestone cave in the world. State of Perak have vast cave within reach from the main North South East Highway. You can even seen it from the road and some of them have been turn into a temple. Same like the famous Batu Caves.

If you drive up north from KL, you might want to drop by at Gua Tempurung Perak. You can go caving safely with family and friends there because of the upgrade facilities in the cave and many trip packages to suit your ability.

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laman 3 budaya

Laman 3 Budaya Jasin

Laman tiga budaya is new tourism product located in Jasin inland area. The place called Asahan, about 27 kilometer from Jasin Town and 47 kilometer from Melaka town. Asahan is the place in Melaka that got large forest reserve and highest peak – Mount. Ledang. Got waterfall too.

So laman tiga budaya is a centralized recreation facilities built by the local authorities that consist of theme park, aboriginal place, jungle trekking, mountain hiking and camping at the waterfall.

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