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Malacca Trademark Staircase

A hundred years old Melaka house. In Malaysia, if you talk about ‘Tangga Melaka’ or Malacca Staircase everybody will know the decorative tile from China stick to a wide outside staircase. In other Malaysian state, old Malay

Fort Supai – Old Inland Revenue Office

Usually old Fort build by the colonial are for war purposed and as a bastion to defense their strategic interest. There is one fort in Melaka that build by Dutch and it’s main purposed was a center

Democratic Museum in a Democratic Country…

Because Malaysia is a democratic country, there is a museum call Melaka Democratic Administration Museum or ‘Muzium Pemerintahan Demokrasi.’ The ‘Muzium Pemerintahan Demokrasi’ portrays all the democratic process in Malaysia and how the Nation administration was develop

Melaka Aboriginal Museum

Here in Malaysia, the indigenous people are called ‘Orang Asli’. Orang is ‘men’ and asli is ‘indigenous’. Government introduce the word ‘Orang Asli’ in the 1950s referring to small cluster of people live deep in the Malaysian

Melaka: Going to be the best cultural heritage sites in the world!!!

Hi all….as we know, last 7th of July 2008, Melaka was finally got the UNESCO heritage list as a world heritage city, together with the Georgetown, Penang. As the Melakan people, I can’t stop to be so

Download Melaka Brochure Here…

You can find this Melaka brochure nationwide at Tourism Malaysia booth or at any Tourism Malaysia Branch Internationally. This is a comprehensive brochure that have infos on main interesting historical place to visit in Melaka, Melaka history

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