Melaka Archive

Wonderland at Mahkota Parade: Situation at Mahkota Parade are more merrier since 19 Nov till 2
Stay Indulgence: With food and beverages at Holiday Inn Melaka. With their 3 food
MITS 2010 : Think Green: Melaka International Tourism Show (MITS) 2010 will be coming soon! From 3rd
NASA @ Melaka Planetarium: You know Nasa? not the lubricant..but it’s an organization that bring people
Welcome Athletes…: To Melaka this week. And what’s important they are very special athletes.
Austrian President visit to Malaysia and Melaka: President Dr Heinz Fischer of Austria has visited Melaka yesterday on his
Kahwin-kahwin at Sri Costa: Kahwin-Kawhin means wedding merrily… If you are married, this is you second