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Serama Is the World Smallest Chicken

Serama Chicken is really originating from Malaysia and now it is starting to get popular around the world. Malaysian also make the Serama gains it’s popularity among pet lovers around the world. Although the chicken is popular,

Authentic Peranakan Cuisine at River Café, Casa del Rio

Hello from Casa del Rio, your home by the river, As we are leading into the start of many festive celebrations, we have planned several exciting events for you to have some special moments with friends and

Trip to Pulau Upeh and and Pulau Undan

Actually at Melaka coast there are many Island. But the Island are small and not inhabited. Maybe only Pulau Besar got some people work there for the Hotel and Musuem, still don’t have permanent residents. Recently we

Melaka MITS MATTA Fair Start Today

— asmaliana

Malaysia the Flea Market Paradise

Today, shopping complex with mega size buildings are booming. Whenever a new shopping complex being built, it will eat very extensive space, with a wide car park and all you can find in one building like food

Sleepover at Melaka Submarine Museum

Ok now after the Sleepover at the Flor the La Mar, now you can sleep at SMD Quessant Agosta 70 sub marine located at Pantai Berlian Klebanng. About the Sub: Ouessant Agosta Submarine FS 70 is a

AX Laser Tag Arena at Melaka

Ada sesiapa yang pernah mencuba AX Laser tag dekat Mahkota Parade? Saya dah masuk ke dalam tapi belum ada kesempatan untuk ‘berperang’. Walaupun tidaklah seperti medan pertempuran ‘outdoor’ di dalam hutan seperti paint ball, ianya lebih sesuai