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Nation Celebration

Before this we already celebrate Chinese New Year with Hari Raya they called it kongxi-raya, then we had Deepavali with Hari Raya and they called it depa-raya. Now Merdeka – Raya. So this year the Hari Raya, other than cheerful LED and lamp, home decor will be added with National Flag. 31 August fall on the second day of Eidul Fitri

hitting the road for ‘jalan-jalan raya’

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tapai pulut

Fermented delicacy

Tapai is the famous form of fermented food in Malaysia. Tapai usually eaten on occasion like wedding and family feast. Here tapai will be found in two types that are from glutinous rice and cassava. Traditionally it will be wrapped with banana leaves when served.

Tapai from Glutinous rice

Fermented food are served all over the world with different type of foods like soybean, milk,olive, bread, cheese and fruits.

The tapai is very sweet with little sour tastes. Tapai also taste good when eaten cold or mixed with ice cream and ice blended juice. In Melaka there is one company that produce tapai commercially. Tapai Pulut Sarimah. Tapai Pulut Sarimah is wrapped with special plastic and paper replacing the banana leaves. The taste remain the same.

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muslim in china

Chinaman will be flowing…

This year Tourism Malaysia targets 1.25 million tourist this year. Halal tourism will make an impact to both outbound and inbound between Malaysia and China.There is 21,667,000 population of Muslim in China, data from wikipedia here. So huge market more than Muslim population in Malaysia

In the press article, it is said that Muslim in China were interested in coming to Malaysia because it safe and of course they can practice their religion freely here spiritually to food that they consume.

Muslim in China, pic from

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rondaan polis

FAQ – how secure is Malaysia

This year until August, we already see many rally and riots all over the world. The worst is in Egypt that spread into it’s neighboring countries. Greece also have one. Last month Malaysia also got Bersih 2.0 rally at Kuala Lumpur. London being the latest with casualties and properties damage.

Riot and Rally by the countrymen are the major security concern for travel consideration. Ongoing rally in any country will describe the security enforcer have a difficulties to govern it. Thus we can’t rely much on them because they have big issues to dealt with .

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Don’t forget your mosquito repellent..

a female Anopheles albimanus mosquito,pic from Wikipedia.

As a country that is situated in equator and have a tropical climate, we have known the mosquito since childhood. All of us here must have been bitten by a mosquito. So the people here are quite used to it. But as I read in Wikipedia, now mosquito also exist everywhere even in the cooler country like in Europe. So guess we all also have good knowledge about this pest.

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ng yen yen

How to enjoy aerial view around Malaysia

There are several ways that you can use to view places here from the top. For example you can go to Menara Kuala Lumpur, check in at hi rise hotel or climbing the highest hill in that area. Like Kuala Lumpur got many hills surround it.

YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen during the launch. More pic here.

Now you got another option with better and wider ariel view. With a Helicopter. Tourism Minister recently launched the 1Malaysia Helicopter Tour Packages. This tour with helicopter will cover certain areas of Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi, including the Mount Kinabalu Aerial Tour and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (Sabah), Kuala Lumpur-Genting Highlands Tour and over Langkawi Island.

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ladies golfer

Golf for Ladies..

I just bump in into a website of Malaysian Ladies Golf Association or MALGA for the shorter. I don’t know about this association because maybe I don’t play golf. I think only few ladies play golf or having a golf membership in Malaysia. But I can see that golf is not so harsh and hard sport for ladies. The outfit for golfers also looks good and we can still look like ladies.

Ladies golfer at MAZDA Malaysian Ladies Amateur Open. Pic from MALGA.

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