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Melaka MITS Matta Fair 2015


Dont miss this Melaka MITS Matta Fair 2015 from 21 – 23 August 2015 @ MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. More than 150 booths are waiting for u with special offers. The show will starts from 10.30am until 9.30pm.

If you are planning for holiday trip this coming season, this is a must visit events. We also got promotion from others countries such as Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia and also other states.

Besides that, we also have a special cultural performance from Briged Seni Melaka, Dikir Barat from Kelantan and artist appearance.

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parit penghulu

Melaka Homestays update

Homestay Parit Penghulu Melaka in The Star.

Last time I write about Melaka homestays, there were 5 of them. Now under Tourism Ministry, Melaka have 7 homestays. The Melaka Homestays List are:

1)Homestay Parit Penghulu,
Mr Suparman Hj Abu/ Tn Hj Sarip Jais/ Puan Joreah Kasir
Tel: +6019-6442380/ +6013-6191983/ +6019-6659570
Fax: +606-2658050
Address: Homestay Parit Penghulu, KM32, Jalan Parit Penghulu, 77400 Sungai Rambai, Melaka

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seri tanjung homestay

International homestay programs

Exchange student at Seri Tanjung Homestay Masjid Tanah..

Actually homestay is a global phrase. About every nation that promote it’s tourism industry have the element of homestay program. From Canada to United States to Europe..Asia and here at Malaysia we have it too.

All homestay around the world have the basic things in common, – a host families and sharing the locals lifestyle.

There are many international homestay program available out there and now they are having a website and taking it to a more global approach. As a result we will have cultural exchange which a Homestay program can make an important role.

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malaysian homestay by rail

Experience Malaysian Homestay by rail

Another innovative tourism packages by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. To attract tourist using Malaysian historical train service and at the same time making a holiday at the Village along the route. A holiday at Homestay program under the tourism ministry.

These packages valid until October 2011. So you got ample time to plan your trip this year.

Our train is not a bullet train that only focus on to arrived faster but a normal coach that bring you the good Malaysian hospitality. When Riding a Keretapi Tanah Melayu (Malayan Railway) is the best way to enjoy Malaysian scenery rather than a bus or a taxi. In the coach you will get ultimate in comfort and are well-equipped with a host of facilities such as karaoke lounge and restaurant.

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laksamana townlodge

Townstay and Kampungstay

You have more than one house? Buying a property is long said to be a value investment. So to cash out either you sell it in the future or you rent it and collect the monthly cash.

So how about the element of a guest house? In an area that so strategic in terms of tourist hot spot, to turn you rent house into an ala hotel is somthing to think of…

But usually people mislead it by calling this kind of house a homestay. By the term that have been develop by Tourism Ministry of Malaysia, a fully furnished individual house being rent by a guest is not a homestay.

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Go to all Homestay in Malaysia

And it’s never been easier now with Go2homestay. An integrated information about all homestay under the Tourism Ministry. I mean all the registered homestay program in Malaysia.

All you want to know about homestay, the address, contact number and package with price. Picture and video moments of pass guess, including the Itinerary, you can choose which homestay you want to experience.

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merlimau malay house

Japanese Student learn the Melaka way….

The group posing for a photo in front of a traditional Malay house – The Star.

Among the famous place for foreign student doing cultural exchange and live with foster family is at Merlimau Melaka. This is because village around Merlimau area provide near complete package of life in the Melaka village. It has 100 years old house that have been gazetted as a Heritage Area, paddy field, local sea fisherman / fishery area, local food industry that still use back of the house for operation and a glimpse of Melaka Sultanate History. At Pulai, Merlimau also among Melaka homestay participant.

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