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apa kaba home stay

Kampung Stay in the town center…

apa kaba home stay

Apa Kaba Home&Stay is different from other budget hotel or guest house / backpackers category in Melaka. Because of that it rank 1 on tripadvisor of 41 specialty lodging in Melaka as of the date this post is written. Of course the building itself will be the winner if compared to others because it is truly a Melaka Village House or Kampung House. Plus the surroundings of a kampung like spacious outdoor with garden, shrubs and fruit tree. Got livestock too. Sleep in the wooden house and you can really feel the Malaysian fresh air with no air conditioning. Located at Banda Kaaba, at the heart of UNESCO Heritage Zone, easy to go anywhere within the town center. Apa Kaba page here and review from tripadvisor here.

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hostel bed

The Worldwide Hostels Database

Fancy this?

Usually the main subject that matter when choosing a Hotel or a Hostel is budget.

Hotel have 5 rank to determine according to the budget also. We opt for a hotel room and the basic that come out into our mind are like : clean interior / carpet, control aircon, bathtub, cold/hot massage shower,a shampoo/shower cream, cable TV, kid swimming pool, lots of breakfast..

So hotel service is subject to our complain at trip advisor if not to our expectation.

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laksamana townlodge

Townstay and Kampungstay

You have more than one house? Buying a property is long said to be a value investment. So to cash out either you sell it in the future or you rent it and collect the monthly cash.

So how about the element of a guest house? In an area that so strategic in terms of tourist hot spot, to turn you rent house into an ala hotel is somthing to think of…

But usually people mislead it by calling this kind of house a homestay. By the term that have been develop by Tourism Ministry of Malaysia, a fully furnished individual house being rent by a guest is not a homestay.

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oldtown guesthouse

Old Town Guesthouse

Because the name is Old Town actually the building is a new setup among the other old building. Although new addition in Melaka accommodation list, it got good review at tripadvisor. The price also cheap with many freebies for guest like:

– coffee/tea/water
– breakfast
– Wifi
– TV Lounge where you can watch any of our growing collection of DVDs
– Library that includes comic books and graphic novels for your enjoyment
– Kitchen for your use

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Little Nyonya Youth Hostel for Backpackers

Melaka Little Nyonya Youth Hostel

Just a perfect location for you to discover Melaka heritage area. Located in the Middle of the Historic Area, 5 Star Hotel and Shopping Mall. But you will feel like hidden remotely from the hustle and bustle that only few walk away. For those who give the priority for the travel and adventure itself not just luxury bedroom, Little Nyonya is the place. Price from RM12 to RM 20 per person. Not Just Plain hostel, Little Nyonya also have facilities like:-

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Cheng Ho Guest House

You know Cheng Ho? The great voyager from Ming Dynasty. Apart from the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, he also have Guest House business here, The Cheng Ho Guest House. Of course not manage by him but by the Cheng Ho Group. The group also manage the Museum, Cheng Ho Cafe & Zheng He Tea House. So if you don’t know what Cheng Ho is all about (Or some called it Zheng He). You must visit the cultural museum first. Want a 20% discount on the Museum entrance? Yes you can by being a guest at Cheng Ho Guest House.

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Melaka Chinatown’s newest guest house

Yeap, I think you already know where is the famous Melaka Chinatown . Somewhere in Jonker Street and Harmony Street. The best area for walking. As you walk,you will not feel the heat as old shop houses will bring your imagination back in the past. As a living museum, the difference maybe new paint and technology. But the truth is, place that you are standing still serve it’s owner like 200 years ago. Look at all the classic furniture and picture of the heirloom.

When browsing the shops at Melaka China Town, seek for Tang House, if you are lucky they still have a room for you. A classic, a history you know like airwell, pitched roofs with Chinese tiles, and detailed brick work but they work with modern need. You think all in the house is a relic, fret not because it also has computers, as well as wifi for the guests and individual air conditioning. Hey you can cook too. They have a modern kitchen for guest. A true for travelers friendly guest house. For more info and rates just open the web address here.

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