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putu piring

Make your putu piring delicous and get famous

Photos of Putu Piring Stall, Melaka
This photo of Putu Piring Stall is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Actually it’s quite straight forward to list your restaurant on famous customer review website like tripadvisor. Once the list is ‘on’ your restaurant will get a global attention. With the power of share button, your homemade recipe will get viral and be the next online celebrity.

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no8 hereen street


Now it is Hereen Street (Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock), during Dutch control they called it Hereenstraat. According to history, Dutch Malakka (1641–1825) was the longest period that Malacca was under foreign control. On Hereenstraat, also known as ‘First Class Gentleman Street’ in Dutch . This was because the town was segregated by class on that time. Some of these era houses have been converted in to hotels like Hotel Puri. Also private museum like Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum.
no8 hereen street

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Malaysia among top 10 best in travel…


Perhentian Island…

Top ten at 10th place in Lonely Planet’s list of Best in Travel 2014. Making the people in charge of VMY 2014 a smile in the face for motivation. The list here. Number 1 is Brazil, the heavyweight. No doubt, as All eyes on the pitch for 2014’s World Cup.


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tripadvisor top 25 2013 – tidak tersenarai


Pic Rome from article How to explore Valentino’s city.

Biasanya antara senarai yang ditunggu-tunggu di dalam industri kembara dan pelancongan adalah daripada tripadvisor. Nampakya untuk Top 25 travelers choice di tripadvisor, tempat-tempat tarikan di Malaysia tidak tersenarai. Paris, New York, London, Rome mengungguli. Tempat-tempat tarikan premium yang seperti dijangka. Di dalam top 25 tersebut terdapat 2 tempat di Asean iaitu Bangkok, Siem Reap dan Chiang Mai. Umum mengetahui kedudukan Malaysia adalah top 10 di dalam rangking jumlah kedatangan pelancong dunia. Thailand dan Cambodia pun tidak top 10.

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tourist arrival

Melaka: Top 10 Countries for visitors arrival

The data is from 2008 to 2011. Melaka tourist arrival increasing every year..We narrowed it to top 10 countries.

Facts about international tourist arrival (UNWTO World Tourism Organization):

*Tourists (overnight visitors) i.e. a visitor who stays at least one night in a collective or private accommodation in the country visited. Same-day visitors are not included.
*The number of arrivals – not to the number of persons. The same person who makes several trips to a given country during a given period will be counted as a new arrival each time, as well as a person who travels through several countries on one trip is counted as a new arrival each time.

tourist arrival

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Melaka Living History…

Living history is an activity that incorporates historical tools, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time. Although it does not necessarily seek to reenact a specific event in history, living history is similar to, and sometimes incorporates, historical reenactment. Living history is an educational medium used by living history museums, historic sites, heritage interpreters, schools and historical reenactment groups to educate the public or their own members in particular areas of history, such as clothing styles, pastimes and handicrafts, or to simply convey a sense of the everyday life of a certain period in history.

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