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tmn mini msia 2013

New Look of Mini Malaysia & Asean Cultural Park!

Mini Msia Park

A park where every expression has color. Where every walk is an unforgettable memory. A park where a tradition blends with modernity to create a present that is at once evocative, charming and magical. Come, celebrate life. Experience MINI MALAYSIA & ASEAN Cultural Park with an area of 32 acres.
Located in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. There are 13 traditional houses which representing a state in Malaysia. This unique cultural park display different cultural elements which showcase the lifestyle of the local people. The houses were built in accordance to the exact life size and design by master builders and decorated with original interior. We can categorized this park as a living park, where the tourists can join a variety of programmed and activities.

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Pusat Hang Tuah

Pusat Hang Tuah @ Perkampungan Hang Tuah

Hang Tuah
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Hang Tuah (Jawi:?? ????) is a legendary Malay warrior who lived during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah of the Sultanate of Malacca in the 15th century.He was the most capable of all the laksamana, or sultan’s admirals, and is considered in Malaysia to be one of history’s greatest silat masters. Hang Tuah is held in the highest regard, even in present-day Malaysian Malay culture, and is arguably the most well-known and illustrious warrior figure in Malaysian history and literature.

Pusat Hang Tuah @ Perkampungan Hang Tuah Melaka in Duyong already open since 9th of August. In the Tale of Legendary Hang Tuah Saga (Hikayat Hang Tuah), Duyong is said to be the Hang Tuah birth place. About 8 kilometer from Melaka Sentral or 10-12 minutes drive. You can take the Panorama Bus, Metered taxi or the blue taxi…

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Melaka Batik House


Pada tahun 2008 Noor Arfa telah melebarkan sayapnya dengan membuka sebuah Pusat Pelancongan baru berdasarkan kraf di Melaka. Proses pembinaanya memakan masa setahun dan gedung ini diberi nama Melaka Batik House. Melaka Batik House mula beroperasi pada Mei 2009, perasmian telah disempurnakan oleh YAB Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd Ali Bin Mohd Rustam, Ketua Menteri Melaka pada 11 Jun 2009. Melaka Batik House atau dikenali dengan MBH merupakan sebuah pusat jualan yang menempatkan produk-produk batik keluaran Noor Arfa Dan juga pengusaha-pengusaha batik di Malaysia. MBH terletak di Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) Ayer Keroh Dan mengambil masa 15 minit memandu dari Bandar Melaka. MBH menyediakan tempat yang luas untuk kemudahan pengunjung Dan menyediakan tempat letak kenderaan secara percuma dan ruang demonstrasi batik lukis, batik terap, pembuatan blok terap dan tenunan songket. Pengunjung dapat melihat sendiri seni pembuatan batik lukis/tangan Dan seni kraf lain.

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nyonya shoes

Nyonya Beads Shoe …

photo from flickr..

Is not cheap if you think you think it is. Looks like ordinary shoes in the market but it home based craft..more like an art. So it price from about RM150 to RM1500. If in USD about from $50 to $500.
Not for everyday used eh? The more the beads surround your shoes, the more the money.

This expensive shoes are also from leather and imported beads. Not plastics ok. But there is a cheaper version and its plastic.

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barangan terbuang

Melakans, don’t throw away your garbage yet..

The unused garbage always have a value to the creative one…

Because you could win RM3000. Research & Development Unit, Melaka Chief Minister Office will organize a competition that based on used and recycled items. With all the disposal, you must create a souvenir. You must send the proposal of your invention at the department. Recycled and used items are like glass bottles, news papers, wire,tin cans or boxes.

The closing date of the proposal supposed to be closed tomorrow 18 Jun 2010. But you can talk to Ms Nur Hidayah at 06-2326694. You can fax your design to 062320024 or email to Your complete / finished invention must be presented at Dataran Sungai Melaka (Melaka River Square) on 23rd June 2010 from 8.00 to 10.00 pm to be judged by the jury.

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Allentan Trufaces at Melaka Art Gallery

One of Allentan painting…get it here.

Do you know Mr. Allentan? A painter and an artist? I don’t know too.

But if you are an art lover and can enjoy seeing abstract painting, you can know Allentan better by visiting Melaka Art Gallery here at Banda Hilir. Starting from 18th May, 89 Allentan painting will be displayed at Melaka Art Gallery. The Solo exhibition is named Trufaces.

About Allentan:

allentan is a Malaccan born self-taught artist who expresses his emotions through his art, often using human relations and psyche as his main theme. Its uniqueness is the representation of his perception of human emotions. It all started as a personal journey in 2002 to re-explore his passion for painting. His collection was initially never meant to be exhibited in public but was actually a legacy to his family and close friends. He calls these paintings “TrueFACES.”

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chinese wooden barrel

MALACCA wooden barrels

Chinese call you a “rice barrel” when they mean you are stupid. Pic and quote from

Manage to get an old article about Melaka still exist Chinese traditional wooden barrel maker at Hang Kasturi Street, Mr.Chan Cheok Tiam.

Keeping the barrel-making business afloat
Gomathy Ramasamy

MALACCA:When it comes to wooden barrels, we very often think in terms of them being used to age and store liquor.
But actually, all sorts of food — fish, meat, vegetables, cooked rice our local nasi lemak, nasi kandar and even putumayam — can also be stored and transported in them.

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