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Philea Resort and Spa Melaka Brings a Warm Christmas for Special Kids


Melaka, Malaysia, 22nd December 2015 – Philea Resort and Spa, Melaka hosts a fun Christmas party for 48 special children and young adults of Wings Melaka.

Held at the ballroom on 22 December 2015, the dinner party for 48 children and young adults from Wings Melaka was hosted as part of the resort’s corporate social responsibility commitment to address the needs of the community especially the underprivileged. With the generous support from the public, resort guests and resort associates, all the children went home with Christmas presents, a full tummy and lots of Christmas cheer to last all.

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The Pirate Adventure @ Melaka Alive

The P

A new site-specific theatre show is drawing tourists to the old city of Melaka while celebrating the state’s rich and diverse history. Set in and amongst the glorious heritage buildings of UNESCO Heritage Melaka, Melaka Alive tells the rich 600 year-old story of the state through an innovative and interactive concept theatre that leads the audience through the various stages of Melaka’s evolution, from the arrival of Parameswara, through the periods of Portuguese and Dutch colonization and finally to current day Melaka, where many cultures blend seamlessly in a true modern melting pot.

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Doing the experiment

Fun at Kidzania..

We have fun at Kidzania last month. The tickets actually already being bought during MATTA fair. So we got discounted ticket price. It’s a place for our children and For father / mothers who are young at heart. Please check the online website of Kidzania first before picking the date. Much more easier so we can know the availability since the place is kids most wanted list of travel destination.

Although the capacity if full house during public holiday, your children can still enjoy the facilities because the activities are more than 90 available. For sure it will be more calmer if we can go during weekdays plus we can stay there the whole day. Public holiday in weekend they make it into 2 session.

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Philea Father's Day Promotion

Celebrate Father’s Day @ Philea Resort!!

This weekend, 17th June will be a father’s day. It’s so meaningful to all father in the world. We only celebrate this father’s day only once a year. So, don’t forget to celebrate with your lovely father. Mostly, we plan to have a dinner or give a special present to him.

For me, my father is too special to me. He was a capten to me and always be my hero’s.

My Lovely Ayah

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My name is Chico!

Melaka Teddy Bear Ambassador!!!

I think will love a teddy bear. Same goes to me. I love teddy bear and I still kept my favorite teddy bear until now. It seems like your best friend. For me, I like Mickey Mouse but my daughter likes Hello Kitty so much. But for Casa del Rio, they also provide a teddy bear for your kids when you stay at this casa along the river. It’s me.

My name is Chico!

Actually, the teddy bear still don’t have a name. Right now they call me Chico. That means “little” in Spanish, but I don’t want to just be called “little bear”. Can I have a proper name please? I’m new to Casa del Rio and I’m here to keep the kids company at night and go home with them.

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kid real live jacket

Preventive measure at public beaches

Recently we read stories about children and teen drowning while picnic with family in Kuantan Pahang and Kota Tinggi Johor. To lost our loves one while we are having fun times together is really terrible for all of us. The sad memories can affect us for a very long time.

Malaysia got long beaches area surrounding the country from east to west. Usually beaches in west coast of Malaysia got lower sea waves than the east coast. East coast got strong wave and getting stronger on monsoon season. So east coast beach area are more risky because the open South China Sea. While west coast resulting more calmer water from the Strait of Melaka.

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legoland jb

Unlimited access to the 1st International theme park in Malaysia

Did you children heard the news about Legoland? You better save the 2013 budget specifically for this because the theme park is not like other theme park in Malaysia. Legoland is design specifically for families with kids from 3-11. So in theory your children will not get bored easily. If your kid have the original lego set at home then they will easily get attached to the theme park.

At, you can buy a limited amount of discounted pre-opening annual passes. With the pass, you can get unlimited access to the park until 31.12.2013. So check the availability at or

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