Serama Is the World Smallest Chicken

Serama Chicken is really originating from Malaysia and now it is starting to get popular around the world. Malaysian also make the Serama gains it’s popularity among pet lovers around the world. Although the chicken is popular, many of us don’t really realize it because this chicken have special group of enthusiasts. I think it is very rare to find some one who had the Serama as their pet compares to cat or dog. We also don’t eat this type of chicken, but it is a chicken and naturally we can cook them. I heard this chicken can worth up to $10,000 Malaysian Ringgit.

Now Serama Park is in Melaka. Open by one of the Serama enthusiast and an experience breeder of the Serama. At the Park not only Serama Chicken, you can start with the Serama Herbal BBQ Restaurant. The restaurant has been featured in Jalan Jalan Cari Makan with Ikram Dinzly (correct me if Iam wrong). Then you can proceed to mini zoo,water activity or adventure sports like ATV Ride and flying fox..

More about Serama Park activities and packages browse the official website here.

Serama Park and Serama Herbal BBQ Restaurant,
Lot 2727 & 2729 Kampung Padang Keladi,
Mukim Durian Tunggal,
Alor Gajah,
75450 Melaka.
Tel : 065533957 / Fax : 065533286

— asmaliana

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