Healing Power of Petai!


I just know that petai or the famous smelly been here are very good for our health. Petai or in science they called it Parkia Speciosa can help treating depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and constipation. Wow the bean is like 1001 all you can heal pills.

We can understand if first timer to the petai will yuck at the beans because the taste is a bit bitter and the strong smells that also can affect you urine odor. But think it as a salad. Don’t just it raw, we also can eat petai with salad sauces, thousand island or mayonnaise. Once you eat it first you will want it more, I don’t know why it is like a magic effect.

the petai beans

Among the petais component:

Sugars: Comfort eating – that most obese people are prone to and are unable to resist – usually involves consuming large quantities of starchy foods like chocolates and crisps. It is the high carbohydrate content in these foods that tend to satisfy the comfort eater. The petai beans are rich in complex carbohydrates that can give you the same feeling of fullness, thus eliminating the chances of gorging on the wrong foods.

Fiber: for constipation and type II diabetes – High dietary fiber intake has been proven to benefit diabetics. Moreover, natural sugars have the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels. Since petai beans are rich in both, fiber and sugars, it is a perfect diet option for diabetics. The fiber also helps constipation.

Tryptophan: Also called the good-mood amino acid, tryptophan has the ability to increase the serotonin levels in the brain. This effect is further enhanced by the feel-good factor of the bean’s high carbohydrate content. Hence, it can be used for depression and mood disorders.

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