October 1, 2022

Melaka In A Glance

Melaka Is A Facinating Historic State To Explore. Its Narrow Alleys Where Ancient Traders From Many Lands Once Walked Through, The Dutch Stadhuys, The Port De Santiago And The Centuries Old Mosques, Temples And Churches Are Places Reminiscent Of The Heydays Of Glorious Melaka As The Melting Port. The Historic City And Its Buildings, People, Festivals And Antiques Are Indeed Captivating. Its Culinary Delights Are Especially Not To Be Missed.

In Line With Global Developments, The World Tourism Industry Has Shown An Impressive Increase, The Result Of Lifestyle Changes Now. World Tourism Statistics Show That 402 Million Tourists By 50% Of The Total Number Of Tourists Traveling For Leisure, Vacation And Recreation, 26% (212 Million Tourists) For The Purpose Of Visiting Friends / Family, Health Care And Religious. A Total Of 16% Or 125 Million Tourists Traveling For Business And Professional And The Remaining 8% Did Not Set Out Its Purpose.

Although The Tourism Industry Is Threatened By Issues Of War, Natural Disasters, World Oil Prices, Health Issues, The Economic And Political Situation Of Uncertainty, The Tourism Industry Continues To Show Unprecedented Growth Recorded A Figure Of More Than 800 Million Tourists. The Highest Number Ever Recorded. It Has Recorded An Increase Of 42 Million Tourist Arrivals Including 17 Million Tourists In Europe, 11 Million Tourists In Asia And The Asia Pacific Region, Eight Million In America, Three Million In Africa And The Middle East. Progress Has Been Achieved So Far Would Inspire Us To Step Up Efforts To Further Develop This Sector. Various Benefits Can Be Obtained As A Result Of This Tourism Development.

In Addition, We Are Also Proud That Malaysia Ranked 9th As A Most Popular Tourist Destinations In The World For 2011. In Asia, Malaysia Is Ranked Third After China And Turkey. This Is One Of The Best Achievements For Malaysia And This Opportunity Has Been Exploited By Promoting Melaka As The Third Best Destination In Malaysia. This Achievement Is Also Supported By The Recognition Of Melaka By Unesco As A World Heritage City On July 7, 2008. This Is The Special Features That Differentiate Melaka From Others States In Malaysia. Melaka, A Place Where Were All Begins.

Melaka Has An Outstanding Record Of Achievements In Tourist Arrivals To Melaka Increasing From Year To Year. For Record, From 1999 To 2012, A Total Of 85.2 Million Tourists Visited Melaka With An Average Increase Of Nearly 20% Per Annum And The Average Length Of Stay For 2.25 Nights. In The Fourteen Years Period, 75.7% Who Came To Melaka Are Domestic Tourists And The Remaining 24.3% Is Made Up Of Foreign Tourists.

In 2012, We Have Received A Total Of 13.7 Million Tourist Arrivals Compared With 12.5 Million Tourists In 2011, An Increase Of 12.9% With The Length Of Stay For 2.25 Nights. In Terms Of Foreign Markets, China Continues To Be The Market Leader With A Share Of 18.6%, Followed By Singapore (16.6%), Indonesia (14.7%), Taiwan (10.1%) And Hong Kong (6.2%).

In Year 2013, Our Visions Are :
* Tourism Will Be The Main Contributor For Gdp In Melaka.
* 13.0 Million Tourists Come To Melaka.
* 3 Nights Stay In Melaka.

Our Vision 2020 are:
* Melaka As A Popular Destination In Asia.
* 20.0 Million Tourists Come To Melaka.
* 3.0 Nights Stay In Melaka.

To Strategically Promote Melaka In Terms Of Its Tourist Products And Services, We Have Identified 12 Tourism Sub-Sectors Namely History, Culture, Recreation, Sports, Shopping, Convention, Health, Education, Agro-Tourism, Foods, Youth Tourism And Melaka My Second Home. The Identification Of These Sub-Sectors Has Facilitated Marketing Initiatives According To Market Segmentation. These Sectors Have Proven To Be More Than Sufficient To Entice Travellers To Visit Melaka As A Must Destination; The State Where The History Of Malaysia Began.

We Also Introduce New Identity Of Melaka Which Are :
* Melaka Bersih, Indah, Berwarna-Warni Dan Bercahaya.
( Melaka Clean, Enchanting, Colourful Dan Gleaming City )
* Melaka Syurga Makan Sedap Dan Enak.
( Melaka A Gourmet Paradise )
* Melaka Syurga Membeli-Belah.
( Melaka Shoppers’ Paradise )

For Melaka, The History, Heritage, Culture And Art Is A Privilege That Can Be Offered To Foreign Tourists. Cultural Wealth Of Melaka And The Atmosphere Harmonious Multiracial Society Is Our Strength. With Historical Facts Which Began In 1262, Melaka Was An Ideal Destination For The Lovers Of History. Melaka Has History With The Portuguese, Dutch And British That Has Been Created A Unique Identity For Melaka. Many Relics Of Our Colonial History Of This Great Power Is Still Strong Stand As Proof Of Melaka’s Past Wealth.

Another Factor That Has Encouraged Visitors To Visit Melaka Is The Diversity Of Culture, Which Is The Result Of Combination Of Various Nations For Over 600 Years Old. Melaka Relations With The Outside World And Centuries Of Cultural Exchange Through Inter-Marriage Between Local People And Traders And Foreign Powers, Created A Rich Culture And Heritage Of Melaka. We Have Interaction And Exchange Of The Kind Of Society The Existence Of Baba-Nyonya, Eurasian, Portuguese And Chitty, All Of Which Became A Symbol Of Cultural Diversity And Heritage Of Melaka. All The Unique History And Culture Can Be Seen In 26 Museums And Nine Galleries Located Throughout Melaka.

Besides Of The History And National Heritage, Melaka Is Rich In A Variety Of Tourism Products. In Fact, The Melaka State Government With Assistance From The Federal Government And The Private Sector Always Cooperate In Developing And Adding More New Tourism Products In Melaka. We Have More Than 600 Tourism Products And As A Melaka People, I’m Really Proud That Melaka Has Their Own Uniqueness. In Addition, We Also Have World-Class Hospitality Services, Tourism Infrastructure Of A Modern And Convenient Transportation System.

Besides Melaka Well-Known In Malaysia As A Popular Tourist Destination, Melaka Also Prevailed In Its Own Level As A Tourist Destination To Be Visited In The World, As Stated In Ranked 28th Out Of 45 Travel Destinations By The New York Times In 2012. Melaka Had Been Made Up Its Own History For The Malaysian Tourism Industry On The World Map. Indeed, We Also Identified 12 Sub-Sectors Of Tourism Such As History, Culture, Recreation, Sports, Shopping, Convention, Health, Education, Agro, Makan-Makan, Melaka My Second Home And Also The Youth Tourism As A Tourism Product Of Melaka.

We Also Organised Our Events To Attract More Tourists To Come To Melaka. This Year,
We Planned To Have More Than 129 Events With 12 Major Events Such As: –
i) 13th International Convention Of Melaka Twin Cities 2013 On 2nd – 3rd April 2013 At Equatorial Hotel, Melaka;
ii) World Melaka River Festival 2013 On 1st – 30th June 2013 Along The Melaka River;
iii) 16th Archipelago Drum Festival On 2nd July 2013 At Dataran MBMB, Melaka;
iv) Malaysia Contemporary Arts Tourism Festival On 2nd July – 30th September 2013;
v) 5th Anniversary Of Unesco World Heritage City Celebration On 7th July 2013 At Jalan Kota, Melaka;
vi) Melaka MITS MATTA Fair 2013 On 24th – 26th August 2013 At MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka;
vii) Melaka World Heritage Music Festival On 13th – 14th September 2013 At Jonker Walk;
viii) Baba Nyonya Festival 2013 At Jonker Walk On 23rd – 25th September 2013.
ix) World Tourism Conference 2013 On 21st – 23rd October 2013 At Equatorial Hotel, Melaka.

As People Of Melaka, We Should Be Proud Of The Efforts Taken By The Melaka State Government In Developing The Tourism Industry Comparable To That The Other Tourist Destinations In The World. The Tourism Industry Is Not Only To “Visit Malaysia Year” And Not For Specific Years. The Tourism Industry Is The Potential Future Of The Industry Towards A High Income.

For Implementation Of This Development, We Need To Balance The Tourism Development Involving The Physical Development With The Need To Protect And Preserve The Natural Environment. Not Necessarily A Development Project That Will Have An Adverse Effect Only On The Environment. With The Proper Planning, We Can Implement A Manageable Development Of The Tourism Sector, Which Is Developing Tourism Activities To A Level That Does Not Affect The State Of Nature.

Our New Tourism Products In Melaka Such As :-
i) Melaka Bird Park
ii) Gelanggang Silat At Perkampungan Hang Tuah
iii) The New Look Of Zoo Melaka
iv) The New Look Of Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean
v) Hard Rock Café Melaka

Therefore, The Implementation Of Development Projects Should Be Designed So That An Area Is Guaranteed Not Contaminated During Construction. Tourism Operators Will Know That The Tourists Do Not Come To See The Modern Buildings, But They Want To Enjoy The Natural Of Live In Our Country. So That, We Need To Preserve All The Uniqueness Of Melaka To Be Sustain As A World Tourist Destinations. As Result, We Are Confident That The Intention Of Melaka To Become A Tourist Destination In The World Will Be Achieved.


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