November 29, 2021

Can still dive in Sabah..

mataking island

Sabah is divers heaven. With crystal clear water in Island like Sipadan, Mataking, Mabul, Kapalai, Pom-Pom, Pandanan and Lankayan. But On 9th February Malaysia was intruded by a group of terrorist from group claimed to be Sultan Sulu Army. I really don’t aspect this thing will happen in Malaysia although we are surrounded by terrorist activities in South Thailand, Southern Philippines and Militants in Indonesia.

People of Malaysia love peace and harmony. The country is rich not just physically but the people also rich inside. It is so sad to see a group of people carrying weapon and intruded a peaceful nation like this. They claimed the land is theirs. Such uncivilized and barbaric thinking. We are not in situation like the people rebel against the government or our government like a cruel regime. So what is actually the terrorist are thinking?

Currently people in Mindanao are negotiating for a peace talk between their government. With all the problem and poverty at their place now they are seeking another problem – International Problem. Hope our security forces can get rid of all these unwanted thugs and considering more tight security for all immigrants.


About Tourism Is Business As Usual In Sabah here, and Sabah Tourism here.


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