October 1, 2022

Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Ses… ?

For the current scenario, most of my friends are talking about Samsung or iPhone when choosing a Smartphone. Of course most of them will prefer Samsung because of wide choice of models that can suit their budget and needs. Famous models for Samsung they are talking about now are like S3, galaxy note and S2. Because most of my friends are not very tech savvy,they are just talking about current models,price and the physical looks. Some of them owning S3 or iPhone 4S don’t even have a data plan.

Samsung Galaxy S III (Marble White)

I’m sure other tech savvy guys will also look into other models like HTC,Sony Ericsson,Huawei or Nokia Windows 8 platform and discuss about phones ‘specs’. For frequent users of smart phone apps and avid traveler, the most thing that we are afraid for is if our smart phone drop. Smart phone are usually expensive but so delicate. Not like the good old Nokia days. Watch this drop test between Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 and you judge which is more durable when drop…


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