September 25, 2022

Between Hello Kitty and Upin Ipin for tourism…

Japan National Tourism Organization has introduce a cute guide for tourist who want to visit Japan and everyone already know about the guide. Even if you are not Japanese. It’s Hello Kitty. Japan Tourism Guide iPhone apps, the tagline : ” Visit Japan with HELLO KITTY” to discover Japan you didn’t know. So download before leaving for Japan here.

In the apps the Hello Kitty character with local costume will guide you through out the Japan region. Like Hello Kitty wearing a kimono. Japan have many choices to chooses to promote Japan using cartoon character. Who doesn’t know Ultraman, Doreamon and Dragon Ball. But they choose Hello Kitty.

Well for Malaysian, Upin and Ipin is a good example. The character is widely excepted by Malaysian of all ages. The cartoon also portray the life of Malaysian children. Upin-Ipin also now been recognized outside the country by youtube and English version on Disney Channel.


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