March 1, 2021

Talk about Malaysian MotoGP

Malaysian motogp fans are waiting for this 19,20 and 21 October for the motorcycle racing at Sepang Circuit. Since Malaysia got the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysian have familiar with motor sport scenes. We also got one Malaysian in Moto3 racing – Zulfahmi Khairuddin.

All Malaysian hope that more Malaysian will compete in International racing like the MotoGP or formula one. We can’t hope so much to born many racer by thinking that we have a Sepang Circuit. Because I think motor racing although a popular sport, it still exclusive and expensive. You need a machine, a proper gear and a proper circuit to get into this sport.

At Ferrari Concept Store Milan…

We can see many racers wannabe use road and race illegally. We often call them mat rempit and road bully. If you already travel to Japan, Italy or Australia, you will feel that Malaysian drive really fast especially for the Mat Rempits. I think in Japan all their cars are restricted to certain limits. In Italy highways, they drive about 100km per hour and it is hard to find anyone overtaking you. Surprisingly there are many Italian in motogp and it’s the home of Formula one champion Ferrari….


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