August 12, 2022

Complete travel health information online

Did you already watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie? Maybe they can make another title who killed the textbooks after this. This is because nowadays Internet is our first reference and usually the first and only reference. Even teachers and lecturers often find it easy to solve their problem online. Many expert also setup their online information library for public.

For example website at, a resource for travelers specifically at health issues. The websites have group all the destination into every continent and you can narrow down to specific country. For example when you choose Europe then Italy, it will provide all the health info and recommendation for Italy. Recommendation for travelers going for Italy in by mdtravelhealth are :

Other than that you can know about recent outbreak at the country you want to visit, infectious deceases,medication,ambulance,embassy,medical facilities etc. A very comprehensive info for you…

CDC Health Information for International Travel 2012: The Yellow Book


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