July 4, 2022

San Shu Gong @ Jonker Street

San Shu Gong is one example of local delicacies being up date to another level. At San Shu Gong the local food that sell can be found at every place in Melaka but the difference is about presentation and packaging. Usually visitors will try their Durian Cendol, the cendol itself is not authentic but the packaging does. San Shu Gong is located in Strategic place at tourist hotspot Jonker Street.

Before San Shu Dong, Tan Kim Hock is already known for distributing the local and Traditional food.

Other than the Durian Cendol you can get varieties of local delicacies you can think off like dodol, kerepek, San Shu Gong coffees, local sweet and local cakes…Got many good reviews at tripadvisor and many food travel blogs..

Review from jellybeanscollector.blogspot.

Review from travelingape.com.


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