August 18, 2022

Restaurant on a Bus at Melaka

A vehicles modified into a restaurant is not something new. Because restaurant is a big one usually they choose a bus or a truck. In some country the bus is also still in running condition and we can called it the moving / walking restaurant. In the future Melaka also will have that kind of restaurant. This is because the state government is planning to recycle all the old bus in Melaka. Fyi Government has taken all the public bus operation and slowly replacing it for a newer type of bus.

It said that although the bus will be turn into a restaurant, the companies name will still prevail to remember the Melaka old bus nostalgia like SKA,Salira, Patt Hup, Bas Wira and MOS. Read in the news here (BM).

The burger bus in Santa Barbara, California..

Bus-restaurant. on Flickriver

KFC bus in Sri Lanka


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