August 19, 2022

PC Expo or PC Fair?

Today until 1st July, there is an PC Expo at MITC. I don’t think PC Expo and PC Fair is from the same organizer but maybe the seller can be the same. As stated in the name, PC Expo sells all kind of PC stuff. Now, Laptop or computer is not like a premium or expensive goods, it’s a must. This is because our lives involve around that technology. Also, fewer people buying a desktop now as Laptop price much more lower. Of course laptop is more practical with all the on the go function and can utilize wireless Internet.

My laptop is entering it’s fifth year of service now but I don’t want to replace it with a new laptop yet. The laptop still serve my daily use well. Maybe because I just use it for typing and surfing the Internet not gaming or heavy graphic use.

Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone – International Version, No Warranty (Marble White)

So if we will not buying new desktop and not replacing our old laptop, what are we searching at a PC Expo? Computer accessories – mobile hdd, pen drive,laptop cooler pad,speaker,colorful mouse,laptop bag, anti virus and of course smartphones…

Samsung galaxy note is like already not a new trend, now coming galaxy s3 and nokia lumia. Ohh iPad and iPhone are still the most wanted….

Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone


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