August 12, 2022

World Largest Free Flight Walk in Aviary

The easy way to see a bird is to capture it and put it into a cage. But to enjoy watching the birds is of course when they can free fly in their natural habitat. So the easy way these day is to put the birds into an aviary. Then we also can walk into the aviary and watching all types of bird in the man made nature habitat.

Klik pic for a larger park map…

We have one at Kuala Lumpur and they claimed to be World Largest Free Flight Walk in Aviary. It’s KL Bird Park @ Lake Gardens. KL Bird Park not just house the bird but also breed them. Not only local species, foreign species also breed at KL bird park like Emu (Native Australia),African Grey Parrot and Yellow-billed Stork…

Bushnell Natureview 8×40 Porro Prism Birding Binocular


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