November 29, 2021

Malware is everywhere…

Have you heard about your online present is safe ? Like online business or blog. Safe in term of no need to put stock for online shop, protected from physical disaster like thief. Actually the risk is about the same but just in another form.

So if you think by buying a domain and launch it online after that you can forget about any threat then you are wrong. It is like your website or blog need an anti virus too! I don’t really know about online security until recently I can’t open my blog.

It seems that my blog is hacked by an anonymous entity by putting some kind script. As a result they can use your website as a base to attack another website or promoting other website. So how this anonymous entity do the job? I don’t know. You can ask the expert. For me I just ask the hosting provider to help and solved the problem.

So from the experience I have learn few lesson:

-Check your website in different web browser also every main link to see it is working or not.
-If possible never log in to your website using public computer, maybe some one can steal your password or the computer contain viruses.
-Scan you computer regularly because nowadays got many malware that can steal your information.
-Have a good strong password for any online activities, change the password if your website is attacked.
-if you are using wordpress, keep it updated and all the plugin also updated. If you don’t use certain plugin, just delete it.
-If suddenly you find your website need extra time to load or consume many server resources (you will be email by the hosting provider), this maybe the sign of your website being hacked. Consult expert to check all your scripts and codes.


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