Bed bug free

Recently Melaka State doing a campaign on bed bug free. Do you think which industries is more likely this bed bug attached to? Usually hotels. We heard guest complaining about bed bug in the bed. Personally I think Malaysia don’t have a serious bed bug problems. Mostly Malaysian don’t have any bed bugs pesticide at their home. They don’t even noticed about this bed bug. We are more concern about other blood sucking pest that is mosquitoes.

But when when the bed bug bite, the whole body can be affected and everyone look to you like you have a very serious skin problem. Because of health concern and going green, pesticides is not an option. Now there are many companies offer non toxic solution that is safe for human, food and baby. One of the example Malaysian company is bio d bug product here. Their environmental friendly solution is not only for bed bug but also for other insects like mosquitoes,ants,mites and flies….

Organic Bedbug Killer

— asmaliana

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