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Apart from the the diversity of the jungle, Malaysia also got rich source of water life. Peninsular Malaysia is surrounded with fishing spot because all of the State in Peninsular Malaysia got access to the sea although it is not an Island. If you don’t like going far away from the land, Malaysia also got plenty of fishing spot inland and some of it goes deep in the jungle.

Check out some of the Sea fishing spot:

Tioman Island

Tioman Island Beach, pic from

In Tioman Island you can hire a boat and catch fish outside marine park or go deep fishing. Tioman also got plenty to offer in the Island it self like jungle trekking. Located in Pahang and near Johore.

Kapas Island

Kapas Island pic from backpacking Malaysia.

Kapas Island in Terengganu is also famous for deep fishing. The Island also offers more like interesting coral reef for snorkeling and other beach activities.

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Laut Resort pic from visitperak

While Tioman and Kapas are at the same side of the sea (South China Sea), Pangkor is at the Straits of Melaka. Fish in Pangkor not only plenty at the sea but also at the Island. This is because Pangkor Got Fishing Village that is among Perak main fish-related product producers. Trip to Pangkor Island can be an all in trip because it got 5 star resort, many fresh seafood restaurant, beach activities, jungle activities and some historical places. Read more about Pulau Pangkor.

There are many other fishing spot scattered around Malaysia including many beautiful and secluded Island in Sabah. Sipadan island Sabah are the most biodiverse in the world with with around 600 coral species and 1200 fish species. Source from wikipedia.

Fish that usually caught in Malaysia waters are like The giant trevelly , wahoo , grouper , barracuda , red snapper , dorado, dolphin fish, cubia , giant snakehead , Malayan red masheer , jungle perch , giant featherback,knife fish/ Marlin. Source from Go2travelmalaysia fishing packages..

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