Walking on Sunny Day

Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sunscreen Lotion SPF 100, 4 Fluid Ounce…

We live in a country that receive more sun in a year compare to other region in the West of Far East. Yet sun screen or sunblock cream doesn’t really popular here. Maybe as an asian, the UV rays doesn’t affect us much or the effect of sunburn is not so devastating.

Here sunblock or sunscreen cream usually don’t sell in shopping mall but in pharmacies or retail chains like Watson. Now everyone know about the SPF stuff in the sunscreen. Usually we will see SPF 30 to 50 for sunscreen. Now our day cream also have sunblock protection with lower SPF. I have seen SPF 150 at Watson but forgot the brand name that is a Japanese product.

You can find about SPF technically on the Internet. Basically it means sun-protection factor. SPF number is the number of minutes that it can protect your skin from UV rays. But when I read it more on the Internet, it’s go deeper more to technical stuff and issues regarding chemical risk on our skin. Sun is also good for our body to produce Vitamin D. People who really need sunscreen protection are they who exposing their body extremely to the sun like beach lovers. For average people like us, most of our time are in the office and in the car with our clothes on…

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