April 18, 2021

What is the most expensive place to visit?

pic from wkipedia.

USNews Travel already listed 15 places which are the most expensive among other places in the world. The writing is based on UBS Wealth Management Research economists study. So the information are conducted by survey and processed technically from important aspects like cumulative inflation, GDP growth and changes in foreign exchange rates.

From all the 15 places, more than 60% (10 of 15) of the expensive place are in Europe. Asia the largest continent in the world got only 2 most expensive place to visit – Tokyo Japan, as everyone can guess and number 2 is our closest neighbor, Singapore. First place is Oslo in Norway where bottled water cost about $6 USD. That is RM20.

Expensive place often recognized as developed countries with strong economy and world class infrastructure. Maybe recent European sovereign debt crisis have effect on the prices for 2012?.


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