August 18, 2022

Preventive measure at public beaches

Recently we read stories about children and teen drowning while picnic with family in Kuantan Pahang and Kota Tinggi Johor. To lost our loves one while we are having fun times together is really terrible for all of us. The sad memories can affect us for a very long time.

Malaysia got long beaches area surrounding the country from east to west. Usually beaches in west coast of Malaysia got lower sea waves than the east coast. East coast got strong wave and getting stronger on monsoon season. So east coast beach area are more risky because the open South China Sea. While west coast resulting more calmer water from the Strait of Melaka.

Starting from now, we must think of security measures for our children when bringing them to such public beaches. Risk at beaches are higher than public swimming pool. Risk from unexpected waves, unexpected sea depth, sea creatures like jelly fish and sharp object in the beach bottom.

1) Never leave them alone playing at the beaches. Adult should try the water depth first and then allow them played at certain level set by you.

2) Floating play set like floating ring or boat like is the least we can buy for safety. Usually sell at beaches entrances or shops along the recreational area. But adult still can’t leave the children even they are wearing it because it is not a real live saving aid. This is because it’s made from cheap plastic and depend on air. The air can easily loss in the middle of the water and the children also can easily remove it.

This is the type of Life Jacket you should buy for children. Stearns Kids’ Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket…Not rely on air and not easily remove by them..

3) If you are not sure about the sea surfaces, water shoe can be the best option.

Kids Size Mesh Water Shoe

The local authorities also should consider mark the public beaches especially the one that visitors and public usually come. They can mark the maximum safest distance for visitors to play around. Also they can appoint their officer or life guard during peak season to monitor the crowd safety.


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