July 15, 2020

Your surfing technology for 2012

I heard many complaint about Malaysia Internet provider on the blog and online forum mainly about the speed performance. Some also said that our Internet price are higher than neighboring countries base on the connection speed. Well I don’t find out about that. For me I used both the broadband and telephoned line.

Base on World Broadband Penetration Rankings by Household here, the sales department will not worried because they still can sell more to the Malaysian..

I have started using the Internet since the TM home modem dial up with 56kbps speed. After that upgraded into Streamyx home broadband and wireless broadband from Digi. In the past 2 years we have seen more choices for Internet packages. All mobile telephone company offer their own Internet instead of Telekom Malaysia before this. Then brand like P1 and YES. TM net now going fiber optics for home user with Unifi. With Unifi we can now really make use of the Internet TV application.

The latest will be from Astro. Astro Beyond got broadband now.Astro Beyond IPTV. No more satellite dish. You can use Internet and watch 150 channels from Astro.

If you have a fixed line at home and using smartphone extensively, then automatically we have to pay for more than one Internet packages. The service provider now offer many choices according to our budget. For example Digi got plan from pay as you use,RM6,RM10,RM22 and RM50. We also got some advance device they called wiggy 39 from P1 speed at 1Mbps for RM39 per month.


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