August 18, 2022

Another animal classified as totally protected species in Malaysia

Malaysia have diversity of wildlife species and some of them are critically endangered species like Sumatran rhinoceros. Others like Orang Utan, the Malayan Tiger and Leatherback turtles. Now Borneo elephants classified as totally protected species in Sabah. So people who kill the Borneo elephants they face a mandatory jail term. Read the news here.

Borneo Elephant also known as Borneo Pygmy elephants. The smallest of all Asian elephants. Read at WWF web here.

Although Malaysia got colorful species of wild animal, Many Malaysian actually never see a wild animal in front of their face. Maybe if they don’t go to the zoo then they don’t know that Bear exist in Malaysia. This is because of our fast development and modernization. Last generation that ever seen a tiger roaming in the village was my grand father. That is in Southern Malaysia scenario. But in East coast of Malaysia like Kelantan and Terengganu, some villagers in remote area still facing the tiger activity that sometimes attack their livestock..


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