Hotel with a Brit feels…

Although we never sat foot on it, The Sterling Hotel Melaka with the room name like The Leyton & The Stoke Mandeville, The Windsor,The Riley,The Brighton,The Churchill – We can imagine the theme and the design. British Influence. So this new hotel will join other European style Old buildings around the area such as Dutch and Portuguese.

Located in Jalan Temenggong, quite a busy one way street that Melakkan always used to go from Banda Hilir to other site of the town like Jalan Hang Tuah, Bunga Raya or return back to Dataran Pahlawan / Mahkota Parade.

Looks like Sterling Hotel also promote the Green commitment by using latest LED, solar power to heat the water and rain harvesting. The air-conditioning system is also individual. As the hotel is quite new, just browse their website here and read the review from tripadvisor.

— asmaliana

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