August 12, 2022

Promoting Malaysia to the Beauties…

Of course promotion take a lot of effort and also money. To get people around the world to know what we have involve a lot of resources and must be continuous to make awareness to the target market. But some big impact industries like Professional Football team doesn’t need much marketing. For example there are many Man. United fans out here that can spell the player name one by one. The team itself are automatically promoting their place,their stadium and their country to the world.

Although beauty pageant is not as popular as Man U and have die hard fan as foot ball, it still have the impact of its own. At least International media interested in writing it. Like THE Miss Tourism International 2011 World Final, held in Malaysia every year- does the job..

Read here about Beauties to promote Malaysian culture and batik…


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO. Don't Mess With Melaka.

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