August 13, 2020

Traveling is very healthy…

As we walk to the future, our life are being simplified by machine and technology. The purposed of the technology are making life more easier but not so easy on your pocket. Like cooking, evolve from using wood to produce fire, than gasoline, liquid gas and to date no fire at all but still you can cook.

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Same thing for human health concern, now all exercise that claim to shape up your body and tone your tummy can be done from the comfort of your home. Many fancy machine as seen on TV. Some of the technology also involve your mattress and claimed to improve you health while you are sleeping.

Now you can leave all the machine at home and walk with all your body kinetics by going to travel. Even going to the shopping mall will work out all your body. You will walk for hours window shopping, bringing shopping bags with both of your hand and then walk to another shop. So many calorie burn in the process.

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Of course travel independently is the best form of exercise. The difficulties to find public transport, bad weather and searching for available hotel room are good for your body and travel satisfaction.


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