October 1, 2022

How to get alliance with the rainforest

A conifer forest type, pic from Wikipedia

Many of the world nature movement or society talk about rainforest. Only few talks about conifer forest. Many of these movement or society that involve in this save the rainforest agenda also not originating from a rainforest countries. In other hand, organization that originating from rainforest country don’t really talk about conifer forest.

Ok then, I found this interesting non profit organization that make alliance with the rainforest. The rain forest alliance organization. They work on various aspect of greener living. From office living,home, campus and travel.

Got Kids activities too..

They promote the use of rain forest certified products. Rain Forest Certified products with the green frog badge means the products are produced and services are conducted sustainably. The sustainable practices are assessed according to rigorous sustainability standards by them.

You can visit their website here and learn how they help farmers, businesses and government around the world to be more earth friendly and sustainable. Their virtual smart house making it easy to understand the process of rainforest alliance…

Rainforest smart house…


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