March 3, 2021

Drink tea and learn at Zheng He

At Jalan Kuli, in the heart of Melaka Old China Town, you can learn how to drink tea. Literally everybody can drink tea. Just put the tea, pour hot water and just drinklah. Add the sugar accordingly.

But what you can learn at Zheng He tea house is an art originating from China 4000 years ago. Of course there are many others who practice this tea art and Zheng He tea house are among it. This place is devoted for tea, not like the modern kopitiam where you can order everything.

With the art, the tea pot for tea preparation also as important as the tea leaf itself. You can get black tea,white tea, green tea,red tea, oolong tea and yellow tea here. And because this ‘tea tiam’ also considered as an exhibition, Zheng He tea house also included inti Malaysia Contemporary art Tourism Festival 2011.

Zheng He Tea House,
No.3 Jalan Kuli


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