Travel during Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year, among the spirit of Ramadan is helping the needy. Pic: Malaysia Prime Minister with locals during Ramadan, pic from PM Flickr

Now we are at the half of Ramadan, the fasting month. As for Muslim travelers that make Malaysia their choice of destination during August. they can easily blend in with the Culture.

The main activities for Ramadan are scheduled officially by the Government. Halal restaurant/ hotel are easy to find. Mosque for them to practice the Solat are at every location and even have at every major shopping complex.

Ramadan Bazaar..

Of course as a multiracial country, there will be other non Muslim here. But majority will respect the holy month and just few who will be eating in the open. Important part of the fasting month that are Breaking Fast (if tar) and Eating before dawn (Sahur) are widely practice making it easy for any Muslim travelers to participate.

Iftar at Hotel

Some mosque also provide free food for iftar and also for sahur. There are also hotels in Malaysia that support iftar and sahur. Tourism Malaysia have already make a package for Muslim Travelers that include physical journey also holistically here.

— asmaliana

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