July 15, 2020

Doing good while traveling

Are you doing good? Of course we are doing all good things during a vacation right? And all the good things will remind us a happy moment after the vacation ended.

How about really doing a good deeds is the main purposed of your travel?

For example let say we invested about $20,000 for a week vacation with our loves one to Europe. We spend on hotels, theme parks, restaurant, cars and shopping. Vacation end, we all going home, $20,000 turn to $0 and we are satisfied.

Cambodia Homestay program from Volunteer Abroad with WLS International.

Then there is another option, with $20,000, try fly to 3rd world country like Cambodia. In Cambodia we can stay at a camp or village stay. Help the village stay by paying with our higher currency. Buying their products made by the locals. Visit their community organization and involve in their activities like art and education for the kids.

But there is a big difference from the first one. From modern shower with jacuzzi to open roof shower. From cozy indoor toilet to outdoor composting toilet. From free flow water tap to pump it yourself from underground.

Volunteer: A Traveler’s Guide to Making a Difference Around the World (Lonely Planet)

And I found from this Volunteer in Cambodia Organization website, if you choose to travel and doing volunteer activities with them for a week, the cost is only $1,100.00. $1,100.00 includes your meals, water, tea, coffee, afternoon snack, project transport, transfers, accommodation & your project donation are covered.

But if you choose not to do volunteer work, you can always doing good in normal vacation especially in Developing or poor country. Read the article about Doing Good On Vacation in a Developing Country or Poor Community here.


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