April 21, 2021

Don’t forget your mosquito repellent..

a female Anopheles albimanus mosquito,pic from Wikipedia.

As a country that is situated in equator and have a tropical climate, we have known the mosquito since childhood. All of us here must have been bitten by a mosquito. So the people here are quite used to it. But as I read in Wikipedia, now mosquito also exist everywhere even in the cooler country like in Europe. So guess we all also have good knowledge about this pest.

Don’t under estimate the mosquito even if the one that bite you is sooo tiny. Mosquitoes are a vector agent that carries disease-causing viruses and parasites.

In Malaysia, we can easily get the mosquito repellent product. It got many type of brands and many form.

Mosquito repellent can be in the form of coil which is not suitable now because it produce smoke, aerosol-widely use in home that can kill other pest too, liquid – vaporize when heated also in the form of pellet, patch-for outdoor also skin cream and now people are trying to use the natural mosquito repellent.

BuzzEnder Set of 50 Mosquito Repellant Patches – University Tested!!!

So..don’t forget your mosquito repellent when doing outdoor trip, the mosquito is most active in hot days.

Among natural mosquito repellent available in the market now, the liquid if from plants and herbs essence, I think lemon grass…


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