Steamboat on the river

When I read at wikipedia, actually the word steamboat is famous in Malaysia and Singapore. World known it as hot pot. Although this type of cooking originated from China or Mongolia thousand years ago (says wikipedia here). Steamboat is common food for Malaysian. We have another steamboat version that can easily be found in every pasar malam.The version of it called Yong Tau Fu. Of course steamboat cooked by Malay in pasar malam have adopted the Malay style spices resulting spicy,chili hot and a bit salty soup.

A Malay yong tau foo stall, pic from julia flickr.

They say that the place where steamboat is originating, people eat steamboat or hot pot during winter. There is no winter in Malaysia, so you will get double hot experience eating it hahah. Enjoying hot pot during night is better.

Hey..there is Steambot on the river from River Cafe at Melaka River by Casa Del Rio. They got to yum soup or chicken soup. Starting from 6.00pm.More about Steambot on the river by Casa Del Rio here.

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