September 25, 2022

Malaysia Salt tour

Salt also can occur in land area not just from the sea. You may heard about rock salt selling commercially. Yeah that’s the one not produce from sea water. The salt is produce from the ground. But you can’t find it near your home. It’s deep in the jungle or mountain.

This salt mineral are used by wild animal by licking at it (at the ground, mud or stone)

Ulu Muda Eco Park, pic from Wakx Flickr.

Ulu Muda Eco Park is among the place in Malaysia unique for its Salt Lick area combine with hot spring. A beautiful natural wonders to sea salt emerging from the ground of hot water that vaporize into air around it.

Pic from

World Wide Fun for Nature Malaysia stated that :

“This saltlick, Sira Air Hangat, is of great interest in terms of wildlife conservation because it is a combination of a saltlick and hotspring.”

More about Ulu Muda Eco Park here.

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