August 16, 2022

Towards Children Friendly Tourism

Something we always forgot or not really care about is when choosing place for holidays that fit our children specification. Usually we choose the place of interest like beaches, theme park or resort. The hotel budget and facilities for us as adult like spa, gym and restaurant to suit our appetite.

Caserío del Mirador, Among holiday destination that promote Child friendly holidays. Located in Spain.

Of course your 6 years old kiddy can’t really discuss about their hotel specification, but as a family we don’t want to end up just the adult that having so much fun and left the children alone following us with sour faces.

We must consider that our children left their toys , lunch seat and friends at home. Place that we want to go must meet their physical and emotional needs such as:

-Huge playground with safety precaution and within parents reach
-Child friendly furniture
-Child friendly pool
-Outdoor activities like playing with pet animal and feeding
-Child menu
-Child friendly environment like no teenage party and any adult social activities..

Lonely Planet Travel with Children (How to)Family Travel Guides)


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