August 4, 2020

World Toilet College

Toilet sign in Bangkok, pic from pocketcultures.

Travel and toilets can’t be separated. Many of our destination review will be influenced by the toilet condition. Bad toilet will affect the restaurant good and delicious food. That’s why you can find many public toilet now have a standby cleaner inside it, so the cleaning process will be real time instead of schedule cleaning.

The main concern of westerners about toilet in Asia is squat toilet and also the standards of hygiene over this region.

Writers from talesofasia write in-depth guide for using toilets around Asia here. From all South East Asia country to China until Afghanistan and Pakistan. Don’t eat while reading this article…fuhhh…

Then there is a World Toilet College from World Toilet Organization. The World Toilet College offers few courses mainly on Toilet Design, Cleanliness, and Sanitation Technologies. So if you are interested about the course browse here.


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