August 12, 2022

Check in at below sea level

Pic credit to reiendaa blog..

We all understand that we live on land that is above sea level. Although we dig a deep hole like a grave and sit on it doesn’t mean we live below sea level because we don’t know exactly the water level or sea level at the place we stand.

Some place are naturally below sea level for example the famous Dead Sea. The dead sea is 423 meters below sea level. Which is I think only Submarine can dive that deep, but you can go to the dead sea area anytime alive.

So if you plan to stay at that area, you can be considered living at below the sea level…

The M√∂venpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea is among the place to stay at the Dead Sea. Like a village setting in the oasis. The building seem blend with the environment….

In 2012, Istanbul will have first hotel in the world where you really can sleep under the sea. This is because the hotel have seven floors below sea level.

Image and the news about Shangri-La Istanbul here.


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