Travel to most remote Islands on earth…

We are so lucky because we live in a modern society where the word remote is only applicable on our ‘remote control’. Everyone that can read this blog can be considered live in a normal place like you. We have an Internet connection, Television channel, transportation link like road, highways and air port.

Even remote Islands in Malaysia considered to be easily accessible by all modern transport. Well these Island don’t. Even by ship itself. For example:

-Pitcairn Islands

Pic from wikipedia.
Pitcairn Islands have :
*Located in south pacific ocean.
*Only 50 inhabitant.
*Nor Airstrip or seaport.
*Among the Island main economy are coins and stamp.

Actually there are Travel agencies doing a trip to place like this and many of remote and adventure places you can think of like in the National Geographic.

Because it’s really National Geographic. They actually have and adventure guide. With the National Geographic Adventure guide, you will be inform how to make a diving trip to this Pitcairn Island for example. The information is here.

How to Survive Almost Anything!

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