September 28, 2020

Jam packed traveler

Jam at Ayer Keroh Toll exit last Sunday, pic from Utusan Online.. about your school holiday this whole week? Your kiddo still not ready going to school yet? Will asking them about their homework will spoil the holiday mood? Kids now got many things to do then us when we was at the same age. Many motivational camp program, community sport club for teenagers and lots of gadget at home like game console and entertainment system. Of course the mighty Internet can make you teenagers on their own world.

South part of Malaysian highway (Kuala Lumpur to Melaka) is / was experiencing massive traffic since last week and I think until the end of this week . Imagine the 3 lane North-South highway is stuck starting after the Sungai Besi Toll straight to Melaka with average speed of 40km/h. Local news paper said that Ayer Keroh toll received about 30,000 to 50,000 vehicles last week.

As travelers that stuck on this hours of traffic jam, what to do to fill in the time? Here are some suggestion:


1) Practice Singing your favorite song loudly
2) Find a pen and a notebook, you can jot down some planning or budgeting when arrive
3) Eating nuts
4) Fast cleaning your car interior like collecting all the unwanted pieces, arranging dashboard.
5) Be a traffic reporter by calling your favorite radio station..(make sure using hands free)
7) If you have smartphone like blackberry or androids, you can use community platform for travelers to interact like waze.
9) Do a quality conversation with the rest of the family.


-Well you can support the driver rather than sleeping soundly…


Hi, I'am Asmaliana, I work at Tourism Melaka. I love my state, Melaka, the world heritage city by UNESCO. Don't Mess With Melaka.

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