August 19, 2022

Do more meetings and get higher rank

But this matter can’t apply for yourself at the office. If you just do meeting and meeting but don’t do what you supposed to do or what your boss ask, you will be kick out of the office.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

This matter apply for the country as a whole. If Malaysia organized many International meetings with international associations, Malaysia rank under the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) will be increase. Top 10 in the world ranking mean best destination for MICE industries and top notch MICE facilities.

This also mean billion of revenue to the economy.

From ICCA ranking, top 10 countries measured by number of International meetings organised in 2010 are USA, Germany,Spain,United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, China, Brazil and Switzerland.

ICCA rank, browse ICCA web for details.

For now, Malaysia Retains Its Position as the Top 10 Meeting Destination in Asia Pacific and 28 in the world. Read here.


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