April 11, 2021

Shock Tourism as a niche

After years of developing for tourist attraction and accommodation, now many of us wanna back to square one – Extreme tourism or shock tourism. Developing shock tourism do not need many investment.

All we need is a dangerous place to go. Place like waterfall, mountains, cave and jungle. Adding dangerous sport at dangerous places like bungee jumping at high bridge. Or using existing thing that officially not for civilian like Russian MIG’s Jet.

Some of the country with this niche:

1) Flying the MiG-29 jet fighter as a co-pilot! In Russia. Complete price list here.

2) Ice diving in White Sea Rusia, ‘one of the most beautiful among the seas of northern Russia’. Package at ice-diving.com. Temperature is negative.

3) A trip to Antarctica along with expeditions with auroraexpeditions.com.

4) Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls- Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

5) Do a Space flight with Virgin Galactic. Book your place in space here.


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