August 19, 2022

The International Museum Day…

Did you celebrate International Museum day last Wednesday? Or you don’t know anything about 18 May…But It’s normal for everyone don’t really realize The International Museum Day on 18 May, not like mothers day or valentines day that widely publicized on the media and at shopping mall.

Actually there is an Organization that support this movement of International Musuem. You can read all about International Council of Museum here.

When the last time you go to the Museum? At School? Yeah you already go there once why must we go there twice as they display the same thing right?

But hey, you should check your local Museum website periodically coz now the Industries is different. The museum also organized exhibition from other places, children educational activities, games and others.

From foreign review, I see that our museum still not rank among world top museum. World top museum are like The Louvre – Paris,Musee d’Orsay – Paris,Metropolitan Museum Of Art – New York City,The Smithsonian Museums – Washington D.C.,Egyptian Museum – Cairo. Read about 15 museums in world here.

This top museum don’t just displaying their nation historical relic but from all over the world.


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