April 21, 2021

The moving 5 star hotel..got also in Malaysia

This is present not in 1930’s

Orient mean east but this Orient Express hotel got their branch around the world…and a luxury train called Orient Express in Europe. This company is a truly a leisure company. They have a luxury train,riverboats, restaurants and safaris.

About the train..the The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is like a moving 5-Star hotel. A land version of star cruise. Journey from London to Venice. The train is historic starting before the World War II. The train is so vintage from the cabin to the workers uniform.

There is also Murder on the Orient Express.

Written on a book by Agatha Christie..The Orient Express train also featured in famous film like 007 James Bond thriller From Russia with Love.

Interesting is that did you know Orient Express also travel through Peninsular Malaysia? But not from London but from Keppel Road Station Singapore. Destination are Kuala Lumpur – Butterworth – Kanchanaburi – Bangkok.

The Eastern of Oriental version…

It’s Orient Express Sister train – the The Eastern & Oriental Express. If you want to on board the Chronicles of South-East Asia journey departing this 2011, you can book here. Do read also the historical info about the train…


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